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Suggested Color Schemes

Select color schemes/families you might like on your website and click on the submit button at the bottom.
The choices you make are intended to be guidelines, not the final choices.
Please be sure to include your email address and tell me which website you are selecting colors for.

Color Family Palettes
These palettes represent a color style or family that corresponds to a look you might like.
Warm Tones
Chocolate Moccassin Light Orange Dark Green Forest Green Dark Green Forest Green
Cool Tones
Steel Blue Cadet Blue Pale Turquoise Light Cyan Light Sea Green honeydew Light Green
Earth Tones
Med. Grey Olive-Green Dk. Sage Smokey Purple Med. Purple Green Blue
Muted Earth
Dk. Grey Earth Khaki Sage Dusk Purple Sky Purple Soft Green Soft Blue
Bright Tones
Yellow Green Blue Purple Orange Red White
Rich Tones
Golden Light Fall Green Autumn Blue Fall Purple Leaf Gold Umber Fall Red
Golden Light Fall Green Autumn Blue Fall Purple Leaf Gold Umber Fall Red
Soft Lavendar Pale Blue Soft Salmon Yellow-Green Mint Green Pink Lt. Grey
Water Tones
Royal Blue Light Sky Blue Medium Slate Blue Ivory Light Sea Green Ivory Light Sea Green
green-blue khaki-grey purple haze smokey rose rose smokey rose rose
Corporate Palettes
These color schemes are currently being used by name brand corporations.
Corporate 1
Burgandy Dusty Rose Light Grey Medium Grey White
Corporate 2
Blue Light Orange Cream Yellow Purple Light Green
Corporate 3
Dark Blue Lavendar Red Light Grey Dark Grey
Corporate 4
Grey-Blue Smokey Blue Light Blue Black Cream Yellow
Corporate 5
Dark Steel Blue Dark Smoke Green Ice Green Light Grey Medium Grey
Corporate 6
Gold Burgandy Dark Khaki Blue-Grey Dark Grey
Suggested Combinations
Here are a few color combinations to consider.
Scheme 1
Blue Dodger Blue Ivory Gold Med. Grey
Scheme 2
Saddle Brown Peru Dark Green Light Orange Pale Goldenrod
Scheme 3
Purple Medium Purple Lavendar Blush Black Light Yellow
Scheme 4
Khaki Gold Dark Khaki Olive Goldenrod
Scheme 5
blue-green khaki umber-orange blue-grey cream yellow
Scheme 6
Steel Blue Cadet Blue Inidigo Light Grey Dark Grey

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